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The Goliards will perform The Message of Gabriel, a program of English Advent and Christmas music that covers a period of approximately 300 years (ca. 1150-ca. 1450), on Sunday, December 21, at 3:00 P.M.. The concert will taker place at St. Paul's Episcopal Church (34th and Abercorn). Admission is $10.00. 


The program will be performed by five sopranos (Ashley Adams Roper, Melissa Flummerfelt, Mary Catherine Mousourakis, Cuffy Sullivan, and Leila Sullivan), as well as the instrumentalists of the ensemble, and will include examples of varied choral genres - Gregorian Chant, two hymns by St. Godric of Finchale (ca. 1065-1170), two 13th-century Marian motets, and a variety of early-15th-century carols (ranging from pious to raucous) from the Selden Codex. The texts of the works in the program are to be sung in Latin or in Middle English.


Works performed by vocal soloists and accompanied by instruments will include a 13th-century Anglo-Norman lay dedicated to the Virgin, four 15th-century carols, and a hymn to the Virgin by the great composer, John Dunstaple (ca. 1390-1453).


The instrumentalists of the ensemble (harp, hurdy gurdy, positive organ, medieval fiddle) will surround and punctuate the choral works with a number of English medieval dances.

Look at our poster and read the program notes here.