The Goliards



Upcoming events

The Goliards will perform From Shetland to Galicia, a concert that explores the paths of Celtic migration in medieval Europe on Sunday, May 10, at 3:00 P.M. at St. Paul's Episcopal Church (34th & Abercorn). Admission is $10.00 (at the door). For further information, please call (912) 495-9081.

The program will consist of Celtic music from the Middle Ages into the early Renaissance, and will be sung in Scots, Irish, Breton, Latin and Gallego-Portuguese, and accompanied by players of period instruments (harp, medieval fiddles, recorder, hurdy gurdy and positive organ)..

The program will contain some of the most ancient surviving Celtic music: for example, a quern song that probably dates back to pre-medieval Scotland, a hymn to 6th-century St. Columba from the Inchcolm Antiphoner, a 13th-century hymn to St. Magnus of Orkney, a joyous lay written to commemorate the marriage (in 1281) of Princess Margaret of Scotland and King Eric II of Norway, an Irish medieval depiction of St. Brendan's final voyage, a narrative song describing a Viking raid on the coast of Brittany, and several Galician cantigas that tell the stories of miracles performed by the Virgin. The instrumentalists of the ensemble will perform ancient waulking and rowing songs, Welsh and Irish airs, and other works that are impossible to date, as they have come down to us through oral tradition.